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Rostov-on-Don these days (over 1 mln residents) is a large industrial, trading, culture and research center of Russia.

Rostov-on-Don is also a large road junction of Russia, where river and sea ways, motor roads, railways and air routes cross each other combining together the populous regions of the South Federal Area, Central Russia, the former USSR and foreign countries.

The Rostov Port Joint Stock Company is located at the inland waterways stretch, which position is strategic for international transportation along the Southern water passage.

Of international status, the Port accepts foreign vessels; the State frontier is opened and closed here. It includes the Customs named The River Port of Rostov-on-Don, a border control post, the Rostov Region Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor Technical Office.

Herefrom vessels start for the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea countries.

The Port has 18 powered freight docks of a 2,549 m extent, equipped with 33 frame cranes and 4 transfer units. 16 vessels of up to 5 thousand tons cargo-carrying capacity may be simultaneously served at the wharfs. The Port accepts and serves the river-sea vessels of the following types: Volgo-Balt, Volgo-Don, Sormovsky, Sibirsky, Omsky, Amur, etc., as well as foreign vessels of the alike characteristics and 4 meter water draught. The capacity of the transfer equipment is 11.3 thousand tons per day; of the Port station it is up to 120 railcars per day.

Accepted has been The 2006-2015 Port Development Concept, whose basic provisions are the technical depot modernization and equipment with larger cranes, as well as labor-saving devices; transfer of the Port’s basic technical units to the new freight area.

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